Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Tripod Sockets

In my own opinion, that a camera equipped with only one socket for tripod is a stupid idea for the purpose of mounting securely. One socket provides as a pivot for camera to rotate, only the friction that between the base and the quick release plate stops it from turning, so you have to screw it really really really tight, tight enough to leave scratches and scars on base, but still that doesn't guarantee camera from turning around, especially on heavier camera, like Linhof Technika IV I owned. I can't stop thinking why the designers in Linhof not awaring this problem, just one socket for this heavy brick?!! Do they field test the camera or not?
Maybe I am too picky, or think too much, but there are many quick release plates smartly designed with two supports, so camera will really securely sticked with the plate, there is no way you can rotate the camera, even if screwing not so tight.
This has to be accomplished by a matching camera base, with two sockets, one for screw, one for support. So I decide to make one more socket accompanied by the screw socket, that will bring us more secure support.
Remember to use the quick release plate with two supports!!
And then there is another similar situation, when you use a bracket or an accessory plate, one socket of such a long arm is not enough, one more socket for screw is necessary, so there I go, another 1/4 screw socket at side for it.
So Byron has three sockets on base, two as a pair, and another one for bracket.

I think those heavy cameras should all do the same design as well.
** There are enough new updates on Byron to release version 2 ""something you should know about Byron 4x5 rangefolder camera", but this time I would like to know who is interested in it, so please write to me for it, I will send it to you when released.

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