Monday, February 3, 2014

New material for bellows

Year of Horse, everyone!

I found micro fiber leatherette source which is thin enough for making good bellows outer layer. Just tested one in red color, it has strong skin outside with leather like surface, mild reflecting light, looks like nature leather, and cotton fabric as lining, provides non stretchable stability, this is important, for gluing outer layer onto the rib/inner layer combination, you will be thankful for this non elastic character.
Less than 0.3mm in thickness, micro fiber leatherette is waterproof outside, for mild raining day. material is soft, easy to apply, I am happy with it.

Just finished making folds, pressed a bit in hands for 5 minutes, then let it spread and stand on table, it kept in very good shape.

Looks I found a good new material for bellows.