Monday, April 2, 2012

Workshop part list

4/10 added
It's really hard to begin the course without first finishing the bellows, but ALL my participants this time seemed to stuck at this stage.....
I will try to instruct proceeding other steps instead, to get back everybody's confidence, let's see how to solve the bellows obstacle next....

Drag too long to finish the course, I took the pictures of the parts packed for the workshop, main part aside, these tiny little parts bother me the most, I believed that there are something missing in the first parcel participants received, please help me checking your each bag for the parts, if there is something short, mail me.

I will continue add images for these parts, to complete the check chart (or the picture)

Clamp parts
Sliding/Rotating lock parts
RF parts
Lens board/Bellows parts
Standard Lock parts
RF housing parts
GG panel parts

Here is the list for contents of each image, not yet finished.