Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011, new plans

New year, new ideas.

First thing to do, to move the contents on this blog to my web, it started a little, www.rangefolder.com,

then, some experiments on wide angle folder for 120, well, maybe not folder, because Mamiya press 6.3/50 needs no fold in, I want to mount it directly on a 6x9 film back.

and for Xenotar, the big eye project should be continued.

now, I got a new job in a design group months ago, a new concept platform, and I've design several products already, including LED lamps and a series of dinning ware. So there will be little time for conversion service in the future, I am sorry if you are in the waiting list, but new job is so exciting, I rarely go home before 9pm.