Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage lens on SL66E

Exchanged Mamiya press camera with holder with my adapters, Bruce in Scotland sent mail to me, showed his SL66 with a lovely vintage lens, and he wrote to me "The adapters are great! Fitted my very old Sonnar to it and everything is good. Have a film to develop tonight so looking forward to the results. Here's a pic of the lens on my SL66E. Hope you do something amazing with the Mamiya!", " I've got a couple of pics of the old Sonnar in action but have yet to scan them. i'll get back to you when I do."

Well, Dear Bruce, we are still waiting.....

And thanks for your Mamiya Press, am planning some ideas on it....


Bruce just sent me the link of his works on this wonderful camera+lens, enjoy it!
Bruce, thanks for your wonderful blog, and I hope everyone who loves film and darkroom should all sign in it!