Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Xenotar 105 1:3 lens

Found one long forgotten lens in my camera chamber, this Xenotar 105/3 was BIN in xbay several years ago, at time I was charmed by Xenotar, any auction listed Xenotar would makes me click the page. 

This was listed by a gentleman from Germany, just front and rear element, no barrel, no shutter, as is, but in nearly brand new condition. I checked the web and found nothing on this lens, no the dimension of the thread, or any example photo made by it, but the hell, I grabbed it anyway.

Planned to adapt it onto a custom 6x9 or 6x12 camera, maybe the image circle is not enough for 6x12, then how about 6x11 or 6x10.5? I have some old six-20 cameras, there are in wider format, some frames measured at about 11cm at width, I thought that may be a good candidate for a pano folder.

But then I forgot it, since I don't know where to find a suitable barrel/ shutter for it, and that silver rim looks like a fly sauce won't let go, so I wrapped it and stored it deep in my dry box.

Today I took it out, unscrewed 3 tiny screws at side of front element, and helped by some gadget, finally I took off the sauce.
 glass is purely beautiful, thick and glued together, crystal clear, without any color, (meaning no coating??}
And then I measured the dimension of the thread, about 38mm in dimension for this part, but the front most glass which separated from this thick part is much larger, you can see them at lower left of the image below.

I did not take off the rear element, but manged to measure the dimension of thread, about 35mm. 
Well, does it mean now I can find a way to make it adapting onto some shutter, right? right? right!!!

Anyone has experience of this lens?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Xenotar 150 Gowlandflex on Nick

Only Xenotar 150/2.8 makes such bokeh. speechless...
I leave the original file (more than 40MB) here, you can download it to see pixel by pixel..... 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SL66 test shots with Hektor and Schacht R Travenon 135mm (cont.)

Stanley sent another scanned images to me, all from SL66 with vintage lenses mentioned about, though I don't know which lens made them, they do show very impressive quality, as more than 50 y/o lens.

I bought 2 135mm lenses yesterday, a CZJ MC 135/3.5, another one is Schacht R 135/3.5, thought I should be able to get rid of the barrels, to mount them onto SL66, will get them later, so you could see if that works.

A type Byron front standard has spring lock and level now

A type Byron takes #0 shutter lenses, for they appeal tiny and easy to carry for hiking. Lens board sized in little bit bigger than #0 shutter, not big square lens board makes A type Byron great candidate for travel and street snaps.

Now A type gets a new spring lock for front standard, providing better lock mechanism, and with a level at left side of  the sliding lock, makes it much easier to replace lenses for user who has bigger hands, or in gloves in winter days.

Oh there is one thing to mention, that clients ask if there any Linhof adapter lens board for Byron A, B type lens board, the answer is YES, there will be, give me some time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SL66 test shots with Hektor and Schacht R Travenon 135mm

It is early morning, wake up and hurry to check if Stanley send files, YES! they are coming!

"hoho, I just sent you some files in seperate email...they are by Leica 135mm 4.5 and Schacht R Travenon 135mm 4.5 in Kodak Ektar 100 RDP III still not finish by the lab yet..."

"all my film will be scanned by a hasselblad imacon scanner...." once he told me in a mail.

Here I made the link from my cloud drive, so you can enjoy all the detail.

Now I am gonna check what is that Schacht R Travenon lens, it is total stranger to me.......

Sunday, November 17, 2013

3x4 instant film holders need no modification any more!

It's been modified for years, but I always forgot to mention on blog, that is, ALL 3x4 instant film holders do not need modification for Byron anymore!

Thanks to Donald from China, who inspired me that by minor modification on Byron, 3x4 instant film holders can be mounted on Byron without any further consideration, no matter brand name Fuji or Polaroid.

Just lower the end of back plate, cut out the remaining part that extents out to fit the camera original body length, make it ladder style to accommodate holders' extruding part, then Byron will accept 3x4 instant film holders, for the extruding part that will conflict with the body.

In most common and traditional way of get rid of this problem you can see on other Polaroid conversions, is by cutting out end of camera body, make it shorter, thus avoid conflicting to holders, most of conversions other than Byron use this way.

Sorry my 3x4 holders are all sold out, no one left by my side thus can not show you the mounting.
 I shall made this point on my second version "Something you should know about Byron", not yet finished, too much improvements since version one published, please hold.
I will add some announcement on posts referring to 3x4 holders, to keep readers update.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Byron on soccer team from John Tuner

Dear Daniel: My first try with ektar.  Forgot my light meter so moved everyone into shade and used flash to expose kids.
  Worked ok colors are great but sharpness is not perfect....maybe I moved?(hand held) Or scanned ektar is different than ektachrome?

the file I received is 17Kx13K, 47MB, way too big for this blog, I managed to reduce the size, but cropped a handsome boy as original size, so you can appreciate the quality of the image.

Way to go! John, thanks for sharing this wonderful shot!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SL66 and Hektor 135mm lens

Stanley got the lens adapter, and mounted the lens on it right away, he mailed me the images, what a beauty!

 Test shots will coming, he promised.

So we wait. 

And by the way, anyone knows there any M42 lens with detachable housing available? SL66 is really fun for these vintage lenses.

Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Bellows building service for free

I frequently receive mails, issues about bellows building.

The most frequent asked questions are concerning with the ribs plotting, for this first step of bellows building, to who are new in this area, plotting correct ribs shape and size is difficult, no mention those following steps.

Thus I would like to provide bellows building service for whom need it, begin from ribs drawing, to help people to start their own bellowing building procedure in rather easier way.

I will draw the ribs in correct shape and size, according to the information you provide, and save the drawing files in PDF format, so you can print it out your way, then paste the plotting on any materials you pick, to start the cutting and building.

Please prepare your bellows' front/back opening size, the rib shape (square or taper), the rib width you prefer, and if anything particularly need to be mention.

5 bellows ribs shape drawings for free, I would like to try this service, to see if there are any further improvement and bellows building kit are needed.

Chinese bellows building in rather cheap rate, and they do make in good quality, but DIY is always fun and a good way to gain some knowledge, so if you are passionated to try yourself, do leave a comment here, first 5 requests will help me to perfect the service, thus for free.

Thank you for your supports, my friends.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

SL66 lens adapter takes M42 or LTM lens

Inspired by Stanley from HK, when he asked me whether  SL66 lens adapter could mount LTM lens or not, he would like to try a Leitz Hektor 135mm lens on SL66.

I replied that if he can find a retaining ring. Then he asked where to find one, that brings me on the topic, there a lot of  LTM to M adapter, or LTM to M43 (digital camera) or M42 to M43 adapters in market, thanks to interchangeable digital cameras.

If find one as retaining ring, then SL66 lens adapter could mount any LTM or M42 lenses!

Stanley send me three sets of M42 to M43 adapters, each attached with a 42-39mm adapter, so this adapter would take M42 lenses or LTM lenses.

I lathe the SL66 lens adapter hole into proper size, so this adapter could tightly sit on top. glued and drilled three screw hole by side, to make sure two adapters are now in one.

Bring this adapter back home, mount a 39mm thread lens, seems it fit alright.

But when I tried to un-mount the lens, it seems that adapter so fit on the camera body, it simply refused to depart, I had to un-screw the lens first, then I can un-mount the adapter. It is because the adapter is flat, no place for hands to rotate it to un-mount, tomorrow I will change those 3 tiny screws into inner-hexa-head, that will provide good support for un-mount.

Another LTM lens, but I know it is not proper for SL66, this lens only got 25mm focal length, I just want to see if a LTM lens works on adapter or not, it fits.

Maybe I should find a Hektor or Elmar 135mm lens, to see how it make medium format image.

Replace flathead screws into hex socket cap screws, thus makes un-mounting adapter much easier.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Xenotar 150 Gowlandflex

John Turner modified a Gowlandflex camera, made it both viewing and taking lens in Xenotar 150, what a combination!

Hey! this is what 4x5 snap camera supposed to do! a lively snaps!

He wrote to me about the modification,

"I decided to try to modify it to accept my underused Xenotar.  It required a great deal of work and modification. I found some recessed lensboards and adjusted parts so that when the frame meets the is exactly at infinity.

Then bellows that go inside out and trimming the lens flange etc etc.
What did I get was a hand holdable..(although much bigger than a byron!)..easy to focus (used Maxwell focusing screen))(everything is bright) 4x5.
The magnifying hood (homemade) with diopter for my eye, makes wide open focus easy!!"
"Dear John,
How envy am I now!!
This must be the most luxury Tlr 4x5 ever made! what do you think when bring it out and people get around you and WOW! maybe you can check their teeth at that time!
Xenotar lens is heavy and EXPENSIVE! so if I were you, I would try to find an enlarger lens, same as 150mm, to mount it as a focus lens, leave taking lens as Xenotar is more than enough.
What is the total weight of this tank? You must be very strong to hold it and snap on the street."

"Dear Daniel, It is easy to hold to shoot....its length allows your arms to rest at full length and you just need to tip your head a little.The shutter release is a pleasure as well!
The viewing lens need to match focus along its travel. The Schneider man told me that even between Xenotars you may not get a good match!  I bought a barrel with scratches for the viewing lens for 550! not too bad. It matches from less than a meter to infinity.
I will weigh it and let you know.  My negatives are tack sharp on the eye wide open 90%. 
I will try to send some to you...still don't understand Picasa!"

Months later, I received another mail with two huge images (33MB each), showing his camera does make great job!

"I took 12 pics... and 11 were tack in focus on the eyelashes...these are random...not the necessarily  the best of the group.  That is bamboo about 1 meter behind him."

Two original images had been downsizing to 1/64 in size, or this blog won't take it, but I crop the eyes which keeps in original size.

Folks, enjoy these beautiful images and great camera with me! 

Thank you John, you made wonderful camera, and such a lively portrait!!