Sunday, November 17, 2013

3x4 instant film holders need no modification any more!

It's been modified for years, but I always forgot to mention on blog, that is, ALL 3x4 instant film holders do not need modification for Byron anymore!

Thanks to Donald from China, who inspired me that by minor modification on Byron, 3x4 instant film holders can be mounted on Byron without any further consideration, no matter brand name Fuji or Polaroid.

Just lower the end of back plate, cut out the remaining part that extents out to fit the camera original body length, make it ladder style to accommodate holders' extruding part, then Byron will accept 3x4 instant film holders, for the extruding part that will conflict with the body.

In most common and traditional way of get rid of this problem you can see on other Polaroid conversions, is by cutting out end of camera body, make it shorter, thus avoid conflicting to holders, most of conversions other than Byron use this way.

Sorry my 3x4 holders are all sold out, no one left by my side thus can not show you the mounting.
 I shall made this point on my second version "Something you should know about Byron", not yet finished, too much improvements since version one published, please hold.
I will add some announcement on posts referring to 3x4 holders, to keep readers update.
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