Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Xenotar 105 1:3 lens

Found one long forgotten lens in my camera chamber, this Xenotar 105/3 was BIN in xbay several years ago, at time I was charmed by Xenotar, any auction listed Xenotar would makes me click the page. 

This was listed by a gentleman from Germany, just front and rear element, no barrel, no shutter, as is, but in nearly brand new condition. I checked the web and found nothing on this lens, no the dimension of the thread, or any example photo made by it, but the hell, I grabbed it anyway.

Planned to adapt it onto a custom 6x9 or 6x12 camera, maybe the image circle is not enough for 6x12, then how about 6x11 or 6x10.5? I have some old six-20 cameras, there are in wider format, some frames measured at about 11cm at width, I thought that may be a good candidate for a pano folder.

But then I forgot it, since I don't know where to find a suitable barrel/ shutter for it, and that silver rim looks like a fly sauce won't let go, so I wrapped it and stored it deep in my dry box.

Today I took it out, unscrewed 3 tiny screws at side of front element, and helped by some gadget, finally I took off the sauce.
 glass is purely beautiful, thick and glued together, crystal clear, without any color, (meaning no coating??}
And then I measured the dimension of the thread, about 38mm in dimension for this part, but the front most glass which separated from this thick part is much larger, you can see them at lower left of the image below.

I did not take off the rear element, but manged to measure the dimension of thread, about 35mm. 
Well, does it mean now I can find a way to make it adapting onto some shutter, right? right? right!!!

Anyone has experience of this lens?

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