Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Bellows building service for free

I frequently receive mails, issues about bellows building.

The most frequent asked questions are concerning with the ribs plotting, for this first step of bellows building, to who are new in this area, plotting correct ribs shape and size is difficult, no mention those following steps.

Thus I would like to provide bellows building service for whom need it, begin from ribs drawing, to help people to start their own bellowing building procedure in rather easier way.

I will draw the ribs in correct shape and size, according to the information you provide, and save the drawing files in PDF format, so you can print it out your way, then paste the plotting on any materials you pick, to start the cutting and building.

Please prepare your bellows' front/back opening size, the rib shape (square or taper), the rib width you prefer, and if anything particularly need to be mention.

5 bellows ribs shape drawings for free, I would like to try this service, to see if there are any further improvement and bellows building kit are needed.

Chinese bellows building in rather cheap rate, and they do make in good quality, but DIY is always fun and a good way to gain some knowledge, so if you are passionated to try yourself, do leave a comment here, first 5 requests will help me to perfect the service, thus for free.

Thank you for your supports, my friends.


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