Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Xenotar 150 Gowlandflex

John Turner modified a Gowlandflex camera, made it both viewing and taking lens in Xenotar 150, what a combination!

Hey! this is what 4x5 snap camera supposed to do! a lively snaps!

He wrote to me about the modification,

"I decided to try to modify it to accept my underused Xenotar.  It required a great deal of work and modification. I found some recessed lensboards and adjusted parts so that when the frame meets the body...it is exactly at infinity.

Then bellows that go inside out and trimming the lens flange etc etc.
What did I get was a hand holdable..(although much bigger than a byron!)..easy to focus (used Maxwell focusing screen))(everything is bright) 4x5.
The magnifying hood (homemade) with diopter for my eye, makes wide open focus easy!!"
"Dear John,
How envy am I now!!
This must be the most luxury Tlr 4x5 ever made! what do you think when bring it out and people get around you and WOW! maybe you can check their teeth at that time!
Xenotar lens is heavy and EXPENSIVE! so if I were you, I would try to find an enlarger lens, same as 150mm, to mount it as a focus lens, leave taking lens as Xenotar is more than enough.
What is the total weight of this tank? You must be very strong to hold it and snap on the street."

"Dear Daniel, It is easy to hold to shoot....its length allows your arms to rest at full length and you just need to tip your head a little.The shutter release is a pleasure as well!
The viewing lens need to match focus along its travel. The Schneider man told me that even between Xenotars you may not get a good match!  I bought a barrel with scratches for the viewing lens for 550! not too bad. It matches from less than a meter to infinity.
I will weigh it and let you know.  My negatives are tack sharp on the eye wide open 90%. 
I will try to send some to you...still don't understand Picasa!"

Months later, I received another mail with two huge images (33MB each), showing his camera does make great job!

"I took 12 pics... and 11 were tack in focus on the eyelashes...these are random...not the necessarily  the best of the group.  That is bamboo about 1 meter behind him."

Two original images had been downsizing to 1/64 in size, or this blog won't take it, but I crop the eyes which keeps in original size.

Folks, enjoy these beautiful images and great camera with me! 

Thank you John, you made wonderful camera, and such a lively portrait!!

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