Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New enlarger light box arrived

Recently I bought a color light box mixer for my Saunders/LPL enlarger, which is set in a multi-grade light box now.

New light box is in brand new style, but since it is set for 4x5 copier (!!), three color mixers wheel are in up-side-down for their digits, but that doesn't make reading difficult.

For that up-side-down reason, the price for this new box is incredible cheap, less than $100, and at street price this will cost you more than $500.

My darkroom was deserted for many years due to moving new house, and no time to plan a new darkroom, but this winter I should be able to re-open it.

For collecting dark brown glass bottles for storing solutions, I now rush to drink a lot of beers. :)

New light box is on the platform, beneath the old one.
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