Sunday, October 20, 2013

Modify Fujifilm Quickchange holder for Byron

Fuji QuickChange film holder is rare in these days. It is a 4x5 film holder that holds 8 negatives in cassette, so you can make quick snaps without replacing holders, comparing to Grafmatic 1268 with 6 neg, Fuji holds two more.

Quick Change holder is not in ISO standard type, it has no lid around it for sliding lock to keep it in place, like most common 4x5 camera back does, so to get it on Byron back, I need to make a little modification.

 Holder side needs to be cut as what white line shows, to leave space for Byron back clamp to hold.
Grafmatic holder and Quick Change holder, QC has modified, you can see the groove at side has extended.
Sliding lock has block the end of the holder, it needs to cut the tip to make way for holder.

And rotating lock needs to cut an angle to securely lock the hinge at the end of holder.

Now Fuji Quick Change is on Byron!

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