Monday, November 7, 2011

Course instructions keep on growing.....

Please refer the related web page....
page contents will keep growing, until a chapter is finished, then goes to next chapter.

Class, if you are confused on specific step, write to me, let me know.

11/28 add
tomorrow will be back home, then Xenotar new front standard is going to released.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Workshop courses will post online gradually

If you look carefully, will notice that I add a webpage named "Byron DIY workshop". That is for participants to follow the steps during DIY building their own Byron. However, some of the steps I think which are proper for anyone who is interested to learn some tips on DIY, may be post as public article. Some will be reserved for participants only.

The contents will be huge, and complicated, I hope to write in more detail and best with lots of photos and videos, so the posts will be add gradually, even will be refined if in need.

I am not a full time Byron camera builder, so all the time I can use is when I am off the job, please forgive the situation, but first course will be finished by this weekend.