Monday, June 22, 2015

Answering the question: Air Bubbles on surface

If you experienced bubbles between ribs and inner layer, that could be problem you apply too much glue on both side, I experienced that problem too, it ruins all works and time spent.

Follow the instruction in this link

and you should get a perfect glue without bubbles

I tried to apply glue with edge of a plastic smear knife instead of brush, which results an even and wide spray area. I used it on both ribs and inner layer, put them aside for about 10 minutes, then apply both side contacted, with a dry towel I carefully rub in small circle on inner layer , to check if any bubble exists.

Then I apply all surface with iron in mild temperature, no hard pressure, for about two minutes.

The result is perfect!

and with part of other side revealed. Lower right corner shows the plastic smear knife.