Sunday, October 20, 2013

Improve cam grinding process

Years ago I announced and made X type Byron, that is a camera dedicated to Xenotar 150/2.8, for people who wants to make portrait in 4x5, with this wonderful lens, which brings beautiful bokeh images. 

Not through the ground glass, but by rangefinder, to focus and framing, to capture natural moment of the model with Xenotar 150/2.8, that is what people dreaming of, which is also why X type is so special.

But after two X cameras were made, I stopped and had to face one obvious problem: RF is not match with the lens.

Before X type was made, cam for the lens was made by measured, plotting, then monitored grinding under microscope, in a try and error manner.

Here is some plotting of the lens characteristic curves , and here, and here.

Xenotar 150 has a big 2.8 aperture, and the way cam get ground is not good enough for such shallow range of focus range for this lens, I suffered to this problem for many days, months, stopped taking orders, trying to solve the problem, then I designed a way to make perfect cam for this lens, this took me year and a half.

It took about one year or so, maybe longer, but now I finally get the tip, and in confidence that I can make perfect match cam for Xenotar 150/2.8 on Byron, and the cam for any other lens too!

So Suwen, if you read this, I am on your X, you will have it before X'mas.

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