Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SL66 test shots with Hektor and Schacht R Travenon 135mm

It is early morning, wake up and hurry to check if Stanley send files, YES! they are coming!

"hoho, I just sent you some files in seperate email...they are by Leica 135mm 4.5 and Schacht R Travenon 135mm 4.5 in Kodak Ektar 100 RDP III still not finish by the lab yet..."

"all my film will be scanned by a hasselblad imacon scanner...." once he told me in a mail.

Here I made the link from my cloud drive, so you can enjoy all the detail.

Now I am gonna check what is that Schacht R Travenon lens, it is total stranger to me.......

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