Sunday, November 15, 2009

Locking Clip For Front Standard

This is a design for a problem that other 110B conversion never touched, they don't provide lens interchangeable abilities.
110B front standard is designed for Ysarex 4.7/127mm lens only, it is tiny and lightweight, equipped with a powerful spring, it stands rigid when bellows pulled out for snaps, and fold flat while bellows pushed back and door closed.
I emphasize "rigid" because that depends, if the lens is a lightweight one, like Ysarex 4.7/127, Angulon 6.8/90, Symmar-S 5.6/100, Apo-Symmar 5.6/150, or Apo Ronar 9/150, weighted around 200g, that spring standard is "rigid".
But when 110B converted from a fixed lens into a lens interchangeable camera, it is possible for user to mount a much heavier lens on it, will the spring front standard hold it well?
This is the original front standard
With a lightweight lens like Symmar-S 5.6/100 (185g), standard support firmly keeps lens stand vertically, even we lean the standard forward, it bounce back right away.
But if we mount a Super Angulon 8/90 (363g), the spring is not able to keep standard vertical so firmly, if we lean the lens, the standard will not bounce back.
To solve this problem, months ago I tried to use two round plates as "Stop" to keep support from sliding, so standard wouldn't lean forward, it works, but awkward to operate, so it was abandoned.

Then I ask spring factory made locking clip for me, according to my design, there were several versions, finally I picked the one below in the image. Made in Dia. 2mm steel thread, very strong.
Locking clip set will hold the support extremely tight with the standard, keeps it at the vertical position without any movement. When you press the clip down, it  "click" locks the support, you know it is locked.
This clip is for heavy weight lenses, you don't need to use it when the lens is tiny and lightweight, but I think always locking the support is a good habit, since it is so easy to operate, why not?
When you finished snaps, want to fold up the camera, pull the clip up, it will hide under the shutter nicely, wouldn't bother any operation and storage.

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