Friday, November 13, 2009

Detachable Eyecup

For fun again!
A detachable eyecup, made in rubber, improve viewing contrast, the cup can be folded when not in use, or detached. And the cup can be rotated for right/left eye.
I mount a roll film back, the thickest one I have, eyecup perfectly help me to block out light noise around, more clear and contrast viewing!


Kevin K said...

Since my conversion is much cruder than your beautiful workmanship, I have a Graflok back that sticks out. Since I wear progressive bi-focals that causes interference. I have odered a Tenpa 1.22x magnifier to see if that helps but I need to find a way to attach it it. What did you use to attach the eyecup? Thanks,

Salihonba said...

It is AB glue, both RF housing and eyecup frame are made in plastic, you should first make some scratches on both sufface, then apply glue on it, use a card edge to wipe out exceed glue, quite easy, hope this helps. Daniel