Sunday, November 29, 2009

Covering the film chamber door

It is nothing to do with the function of the camera, or the quality of the optical performance, but only personal pursuit from good to excellence.

Prototype of the Byron I made, most of the images in my blog taken from it, no one ever criticized about this, a significant sign beneath the covering of the film chamber door.

Original  there was a big extruding switch for instant film process, for simplify the outlook, this useless switch was mill flat, and a thin layer of steel plate was pasted to block the hole left, thus the plate leaves its trace when covered by leatherette.

Yes, it is nothing to do with the functions, and no one ever said anything about it, but I myself feel very annoyed by this, like a big pimple on a beautiful girl's face.

Determined to take it off, what my plan is to implant the thin steel plate, leave no trace of it on cover.
Cut off the back door, leaving the part we need, then not only mill the extruding switch flat, we made a little deeper, a square ditch for the plate. Left one need to be cleaned of the glue that left.

With thin layer steel plate and AB glue for metal, the hole is covered.
But there are still some tiny rivet holes and gaps on the surface, so before covering, some places need to be puttyed, and sand to flat.
Well, it is easy to say, but all procedures took lots of time, but that worth it. the result show beautiful smooth surface.
Rejoin it to the camera, you can see that the covering shows its quality, no trace of the plate, keep outlook low profile and simple.
Keep improving it!


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