Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am glad that I was wrong!

Today I received two parcels from Germany, a customer sent lenses for his Byron, one is a Rodenstock Grandagon-N 4.5/75mm in #0 shutter, I knew that Byron can handle 90mm lens quite safely, but never tried a 75, because I did not own one.
Discussed with my German pal and we decided to give it a go, why not? If Byron can not take it, just return it, we lose nothing!
But it did! Byron handles it quite well! by inspecting on ground glass I saw that image is just at the edge of the camera bed when focus to infinity.

I am glad to announce that I was wrong! Byron can handle the lenses in focal range from 75~150mm, not 90~150mm!!
Way to go!! Byron!
Will make field test in these days.
This is a good reason to update " Something you should know about Byron" into v2.0

(03/11 ADD)
Taking picture on roof top this morning, with 75mm lens and Fuji PA-45, to see if Byron can handle this lens perfectly or not.
Conclusion: not so.

Rodenstock Grandagon 4.5/75, PL lens, FP-100C 45 instant film, f11, 1/30sec
Image area in FP-110C 45 instant film is 117.5x88.5mm, slightly smaller than 120x90mm, but it shows about 6mm width on right side was influenced by camera bed, thus some dark area appeared, and PL lens emphasized the effect. By estimated, about 7mm of right side will be darken on double slide holder.
Well, not so perfect, but still can be used if you ignore that dark area......treat it as a 113x90mm opening...., think in positive way, it won't show up when in 3x4 instant film........, and in 6x12 roll film (56x112mm opening)

(08/11 Add)
This morning I asked my two kids as model, test for close focus, they brought the bread they made last night, and keep eating it while I focus.......

Rodenstock Grandagon 4.5/75, FP-100C 45 instant film, f16, 1/30sec, focus at about 6 feet (1.8m)

It shows no any darken area in close focusing.
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