Monday, June 22, 2009

WA 6x9 folder in my pocket project

6x9 format was quiet common at past, lots of folders were produced in this format. But funny thing is that there were folders equipped with normal lens (mostly 105mm), but no one ever think of wide angle, even today.

I tried to convert some century-aged folders into a wide angle cameras, that is easy to carry, to use, and easy to get high quality negatives.

While talking this ideas to others, people always say they exist already, like linhof 69, Century Graphics, Brooks, they even can tilt, shift...........

"but can you carry it with you everyday, everywhere?" I asked, there is no reply.

In my opinion, a good camera is you can take it with you, anyplace, anytime, and no constrained feeling at all.

so a WA 6x9 folder in my pocket became my project.

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