Monday, June 22, 2009

exchange lens on Polaroid 110B

No one will contained at using only one lens, especially on 4x5. After many modifications and re-designs, finally I found a much better way to convert 110B's front stand into a lens exchangeable system.

The lens board, it is very small, just exactly the same size as front stand's inner circle, nearly 62mm in diameter.

From My Polaroid 110b 4x5 Project
According the limit, this lens board takes shutter #0 or smaller, I had to give up my Schneider 120/6.8 lens, who uses #1 shutter. But if I found that if converting 900 rather than 110B, it should be acceptable for #1 shutter, but that will be another story.

Hole in the lens board is 32.3mm in diameter, just fit for the thread of back lens element. I tried two ways to mount the lens, one is taking off the tiny screw on the back of shutter that for preventing lens rotated when operating; another way is to file a dent on the side of hole, to accommodate the screw on the shutter, either way will done, but I prefer to file the hole.

And the hole, got a thicker "lips" around it, about 0.1mm, for preventing shutter totally touch with the board, that will make iris controller scraping the surface of board.

Made in 3mm aluminum alloy, and surface hard-anodized in flat black, I tried to keep the board as simple as possible.

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