Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The lens board (continued...)

The board, got two tiny screw on its back, one for fix the board, preventing it rotate when you cock the shutter, since the shape of board is a circle, very easy to rotate if without it.

The bigger one screw, accompany with the little "tongue" on the other side of board, in charge of inserting the board into the front stand.

From My Polaroid 110b 4x5 Project

These two custome made screws really help the job, at beginning I did want to follow the idea of Mr. Noah, utilizing some exist bayonet lens mount to do the job, but finally found out that will limit me choosing some modern designed lenses, because of their big sized rear element.

and I noticed that bayonet lens mount needs not only modifing the front stand of 110B, also need to modify EACH lens I want to use, that keeps me away from the idea.

The lens board got "skirt" around edge, designed for light trapping, you can see it at the picture below.

From My Polaroid 110b 4x5 Project

Now the sliding lock. in picture you see the front and back side of the lock.

From My Polaroid 110b 4x5 Project

It slides from side to side with your fingers, and lock/unlock the little "tongue" of the lens board, easy to mount/unmount your lens.

With two custom made screws (again!), fixed on front stand. The screw holes already existed on front stand, originally for that f90 aperture door.

From My Polaroid 110b 4x5 Project

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