Saturday, January 16, 2010

New version of Front Standard for big eyes is under development

In the Project I'm possible, I saw the possibility to expand the lenses selection range even wider.
When I tried to solve the problem on inf. stop of 150mm lens, a new protruding lens board was developed, and that makes lenses who use #1 shutter becomes feasible on Byron, though some lenses need in-directly mounting procedure, makes them inconvenient to operate.
Now with this 8mm Enforced plate, I can drill hole as big as 60mm in diameter, that means all those lenses who was inconvenient to use on protruding lens board, become no problem at all, most of them could be directly mounted, no matter their #1 or #2 shutter size!!
(Thanks to Jeff providing the link of Compur shutter spec, I found out that Xenotar 2.8/150 is actually on a #2 shutter!, not #3)

That is really crazy! I never thought of such big shutter size on Byron before!

For those people who wants Byron light weight, tiny, easy to fold up and carry, please stick on the original lens board system I developed.

For those people who doesn't care about weight, carry, but love to use those "Big  Eyes", "Big Rear", "Big Shutter", please wait for my new version of lens board system.

And Jeff, that is you!
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