Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nearest distance Xenotar 150 can get

Just measured, almost stretch the temporary bellows in totally flat, I managed to pull the lens to rail's limit, the nearest distance that Xenotar 2.8/150mm focus is about 107cm, from focal plan to subject, that is about 3.5 feet.
Jeff, see that?
Consider the thickness that enforced plate is 8mm, what if I add it to 10mm? Possibly it get close to 100cm?
Anyway, a bright sunny day again! I will wait my younger son off from school and then make an instant shoot, first model for Xenotar-Byron!!
So keep watching!!
Just curious to ask, is there any other crazy lens that uses #3 shutter, focal length under 150mm? 
Young model is hard to deal with, especially if he is you son! Bribe with 3 chocolate bars to make him cooperated.
Naughty boy!
Byron + Xenotar 2.8/150, f/2.8 1/200sec, FP-100C 4x5

 Same image as above, partial, focus at the eyes.
 Byron + Xenotar 2.8/150, f/2.8 1/200sec, FP-100C 4x5
Same image as above, partial, focus at the eyes.
All focus as close as possible (3.5ft), I found that DOF is really shallow, wasted about 4 instant films to get these two rather satisfied results. 
150mm, f2.8, focus at 3.5ft, DOF got only 0.08 ft (2.4cm!), means when I focus at the eyes, ears are already out of focus!
and I had not made the lens coupled with range finder yet, I made photos this afternoon by gg panel, ruler, and ordered my kid to hold still, not even breath!
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