Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Shoe, New press button

That bothers me, so I face it and solve it.

The cold shoe, was bought from HK, I took it apart and installed it on Byron with a custom base. It looks like this:
Thought that would be a nice solution to convert original shoe into a international standard size, so I order some from HK again, and made the base in small quantity.

But then I realized that these "made in China" products are unstable in size, some are too tight for mounting, some are OK and some too loose, that bothers me, a lot!

Rather than being complained by my clients, I prefer to face it in advance.

So all these cold shoes and bases are abandoned, I ask my mechanist to make a new one for me.

Byron need only one screw to fix, the second hole is designed for Emily, I planed to implant two or three shoe mounts on her, three in a row! You can install a view finder, a range finder, and a level or a flash at the same time!

Borrowing from lens board, luckily I don't have to order new custom size of stop fixer screws,
Now the shoe is made in one piece.

But for those accessories doesn't have a locking screw, this shoe is little loose to them. I asked the price to order a tiny spring plate for shoe, but gave up of the cost.

So to mount an accessory that without locking-screw, and seems loose, you can:

1. insert a little piece of paper in the shoe, then insert the accessory.
2. use Scotch 3M tape, paste a little piece in the shoe.
3. insert a transfer shoe mount first, then insert your view finder
So the only one part I bought from ready-made, is the 3/8 to 1/4 tripod socket.

People tells me that they rarely use 3/8 tripod anymore, no need for an adapter. Well, I am kind of old fashion, alway keep the option.

Oh, by the way, I add a little rubber button for the shutter release, because days before a lady who loves to take pictures operated Byron, and she couldn't find the release, finally she found it, and she said that the release is not handy for a girl with little palm size like her, better if she didn't have to press it so deep.
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