Tuesday, January 19, 2010

German Bear sent me a letter.....

----I could not catch up his schedule, delivered Byron to him before his new year trip, so I lend my own Byron with 127mm and 90mm lenses to him, asking him post some photos (a silly bear holding the camera, smiling...) during his two weeks vacation. And this is the first letter he sent to me this morning.----Daniel
Hi Byron worker,
at home in Odessa with jet-lag, that's why just some proof pics of working Byron at
-30 degrees Celsius! I was fixing lens with some strips of Gaffa tape on the plate, otherwise was not handle changing the exposure time on the small wheel. People from Japan, USA, Germany, GB, China locals was looking at Byron...:-)
Byron just goes out today on the way back to you, thanks a lot!!!
More next days, sleepy Sebastian needs resting...

(I saw your Fuji 6x9 on you neck.......)
I envy my Byron, it will travel all over the world!

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Jack Hui said...

What a good name ... German Bear! HA!