Tuesday, April 28, 2015

9. Fold bellows in shape

Finally, we come to the final step, fold all rib pairs into pleats, forming the bellows in shape.

Practically it starts from rear opening, but you can try starting from front opening, maybe you are good at it.

All started rib folds outward bound at rear opening, I had mentioned in Extend Study in Chapter 4, and template had been designed to achieve the purpose.

At the end where ribs of two sides meet is gap, which has no rib exists, you need to squeeze two ribs to form naturally a slant fold.

With some clothes pegs, hold just formed folds and gradually increasing folds to hold.

That's it, I think I had finished all the steps for building a bellows in easy way, no special tools need, no hard to find materials, and all you need is a little patience and some spare time.

I also mentioned that my bellows building procedure is different from this, for I made more than one bellows in one batch.

If you have no experience on bellows building, and are interested in building one, I hope this post help you out.

Thanks for reading.

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