Tuesday, April 28, 2015

8. Iron and Trim Bellows

After applying outer layer onto rib pair cone with diluted decoupage gel, best we iron it to enhance the contact also to speed up the dry-up time.

1. We need a tool to help on ironing.

Water filter cartridge, I bought one in hardware store in less than US$1.00, very good use as inner support when ironing bellows. I borrowed handles and connectors coming from wasted mop to extend two cartridges if bellows is in long size. 

Taking off bellows from template plastic cone is tricky, but quite easy, just roll down exceeding part of leatherette on rear opening, then you can easily slide off the bellows, watch the video shows.

Remember always having oven paper in between bellows and iron, to avoid any surface harm if iron temperature is set too high or scratching.

Inspecting the surface if any bubble inside the leatherette, press with iron and smooth gliding on top of it to get it out.

Most iron has temperature setting for different clothing, there should be one set for Nylon, you can start by this setting, to see if it 

2. Put bellows aside overnight for thoroughly dry out. 
With a pair of sharp scissors, trim both unwanted part of openings. First, trim off those extra part with only one layer of leatherette, there is a distinct border for reference.

Then the extra parts that exceed where rib pairs located. You can refer the rib pairs from outer layer surface, carefully trim off the exceeding part, leave both openings with edges of two sides higher than the other two sides, that is nature for we arranged shape A one rib lower thant shape B, remember that?

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