Thursday, December 5, 2013

Turn your cell phone into a cute film scanner

I would always want to do a cute gadget like this, to turn cell phone into a negative scanner. Not expecting to get good quality images, but at least it do open the chance letting old negatives share on the web.

What I dreaming of, is to open a small cafe, with this gadget on every table, so customers can sit chatting, and scan their negatives, kill some time and bring back some memories.

And since they had release APP for scanning, no need to worry how to get proper profiles of different films to turn a negative image back to a positive image, I think we can build our own scanner for cell phone, for negatives other than 35 mm format. That is just a combination of lightbox and a fixed height support only, no big deal, I want to digitize and file my 120 and 4x5 format negatives.

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