Thursday, December 5, 2013

For sale one 110A Polaroid converted 3x4 instant film camera

I don't remember when I got it, and no idea who made the conversion, but this 110A converted 3x4 instant film camera is well made, RF mechanism was replace with 900 viewfinder, so rangefinder and viewfinder were combined into one, like a 110B, but body is a 110A. It equips with built-in Ysarex 127/4.7 lens, and has Polaroid 3x4 instant film holder attached, a typical conversion as can be seen in auction market.

Front side of body keeps original leatherette, and I replaced the back and holder covering. 

I took off the RF part, housing got putty-ed and re-spray paint, RF mechanism were cleaned and calibrated all over, re-aligned the overlay images, and replaced the cold shoe into a Byron version, so you can do off camera flashing, like last post shows.

Bellows seems in good shape, I added one soft rubber press on shutter trigger, to improve the stability.

Lens and shutter in good shape also, infinity stop in secure position, no Velcro positioning trick, guaranteed.

Operation is smooth and pleased to handle, I will include one neoprene protecting bag.

Asking for US$480, worldwide shipping fee included.

If you are interested in this beauty, please write me to

Thank you.


(12/06) Booked, thank you very much.
(12/07) Sold.

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