Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Something you should know about Byron version 2" in progress

Hope I can finish it by the end of this month......

I did not realize that Byron will develop a different version of front standard/ lens board system, all these are inspired by my dearest clients.

Inspired by HK Jack, flim holder blocking plate transfer into a rotating way, eliminate the risk of losing it; by Walter, a level bubble add at the top of RF housing; by NY Jeff, Xenotar 2.8/150 becomes available on Byron, and by German Bear, I developed new front standard/ lens board for his 270mm lens.

Thank all of you, you bring Byron system so many great ideas, and turn it more flexible.

But Jack, to bring #3 shutter into system.........., that is really scary.....

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Jack Hui said...

I received the lens element, but no time to do the conversion. I will let you know the progress.