Friday, March 19, 2010

Shit day!

I just been cut by a mini motor grinder, on my left hand index finger, really shit day!
now it hurts very much, but at least my finger did not leave me....
(28/03 add)
I did not mentioned that after my left hand been cut, the next day my right hand finger being cut by the same tool! how stupid I am! this time my wife did not comfort me, rather she shout at me, something like axxhole or things like that.
We Chinese had a saying :" bad luck never come alone", well, I do agree with that.
During these days all I can do is sitting before notebook, typing with two un-wounded fingers and grabing the mouse to hang around, waiting for wound be better.

That makes things worse, you know, sometimes when you are boring, you just can not stop wanting to buy something, to comforting yourself. I bought a Panasonic G1 camera body and a leica M to M43 adapter, now I got a full manual digital camera system! G1 body price drop so quick, it cost merely about the price of an adapter---US$220!

I always think that investing on digital camera is a totally money lose, since it becomes a trash within one or two years, and no one will take it even you give it away for free! So I do my best avoiding invest on digital things, best someone throw me an ex-expensive toy to me, treat me as a digital trash processor....

But I am happy with this body, even worth if you only use its spot metering function, as a spot meter.

And for my Leica M lenses, I found out that my 90mm lens is back to life again, thanks to this camera body, for I rarely use 90mm lens on my M6, in the reason of focus difficulty. But G1 makes it as a 180mm lens and is in SLR structure, focusing is a pleasure on it, that makes me feel an big extra bonus!

Today I am back to my worktable, this batch conversion is little schedule behind, sorry guys, I will do my best to catch up, at least not dragging too long...

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