Saturday, March 13, 2010

Emily fans are many!

I am working on front plate design, for fixing the ininity position, and for focus adjustments. Many mails came, give me valuable suggestions, I would like to thank all of your concern,  that makes me a little bit nervous, I will push myself, and my mechanist to do the job well, to keep fans happy!!
(16/03 added)
Just brought back the top plate for Emily, I did some modification---drilled hole for bubble level. Contributed idea by Walter, drilled hole on Byron top housing, I found that Emily should have one too.
bubble level is rather thick, but thanks to the plate, it is implanted quite well
Ok, what else we need?
Kids has just re-watched Harry Potter movies, said this camera should be named "Mad Eye Moody".
Worth to think about it.

And this Xenotar just taken off from barrel last night, glass is not perfect, some dust, but overall is good, not US$39K, only 0.3k!
And I don't know how to deal with this barrel tube, "photo-sonics inc" is what engraved, anyone provides me some info on this company? thank you.
Is there anyone willing to sell me a #2 shutter?


Bob Crowley said...

Wow I saw that on ebay and wondered what was inside. You got a fantastic deal.

Salihonba said...

Before I found a #2 shutter for it, I will install it on SL66 as portrait lens.

Bob Crowley said...

I have a Copal 3 shutter in mine - I think number 2 will be too small and restrict the aperture. I have been hand holding this lens for snaps for about a year now and it is better than the Aero Ektar - much lighter.