Monday, February 22, 2010

Year of the Tiger, Year of Emily

Vacation is over, 9 days of release, finally.
I really don't wanna back to normal life, hot spring spa, fresh sea food, hot pot, beef noodles, sushi, walks under the tree alley of the cherry blossoms, and all over the ground also...........
Well, but there are lots of works to do!

First of this year, Xenotar version Byron had to go by the end of March! Jeff had been waited too long, special sized bellows needs new blue print, lens board mechanism needs new parts......

Then the sister of Byron, Emily, project for converting J66 into a 4x5 snapper for wide angle lens. New plates arrived and waited for drills, should be available at the end of June.

So before that, new batch of conversion will start at the end of this month, four on line, and another three is on the way.

Oh, right, be reminded, I should upgrade my " Something you should know about Byron"  into version 2.0

And there will be v1.0 about "Emily" too.

Happy New Year of Tiger!
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