Friday, February 26, 2010

US$39,000 for Xenotar 2.8/150, is that real?

Just sold on xBay, can you believe that? I think it must be made in gold!
Ah, today I learned a new word "fishy"

FISHY FISHY, Fishy very much!


Bob Crowley said...

Yes this was very fishy, especially since one week later, another identical Xenotar showed up on ebay. This one sold for "only" about $4000.

I love my Xenotar 2.8, which I have on my modified Speed, but not $39,000 much.

Please look at I think you will like it. I want one of your red 110b conversions for the project.

Salihonba said...

yes indeed I like it very much! though my English is not so good to catch up with. You know what? I just got another Xenotar 2.8/150 from xbay, took me near 300, but no shutter of course, but, what can I complain? it is a steal compare to that 39K!
Red Byron? that is interesting, let me think....