Sunday, October 25, 2009

xBay removed my Byron listing......

I received a mail from xBay this morning notifying me the listing of Byron been removed, here is the reason they think inappropriate:

MC018 eBay Listing Removed: Miscategorization (337681104)

 You recently listed the following listing:
200391846786 - Polaroid 110B 4x5 RangeFolder camera conversion
Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy:
Listed in category: Cameras & Photo > Film Cameras > Large Format > 5x7 & Smaller 

To avoid confusion, be sure to select a category that matches exactly what you're selling in your listing.......

Without any further suggestion, or any  buffering, just remove my listing in a sudden! I have been listed this for about 45 days already, without any question, I got 30 watches and 4 sold already! What my buyers would think of this? They will suspect that I am cheating them, just disappear without a sign! But that is what xBay made!!
I do really want to know in such a 4x5 film camera, what category is the right one, besides "5x7 and smaller"?

Hey! I paid for the listing! do you hear me? xBay!!!

(25/10 add) I don't sell camera on xBay anymore, now I sell Byron lens board only!! Pay even less to the Bay!!


Anonymous said...

Its called Littman...notorious for this kind of thing.

Dont blame ebay for doing what you'd want done too...if you were a crazy jerk like Littman!

Salihonba said...

Ahhhh, now I can understand when a man without any ability of design and invention and improvement, what will he do to others who has.
Poor powerless Littleman, you are so lonely and so little a man......if you are a man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate. It's that buffoon in NYC raising his ugly head once more, but don't worry given enough rope....