Sunday, October 25, 2009

Byron Camera Conversion Service is right at here!!....

Basic conversion including:
  1. you send one Polaroid 110B camera with 4.7/127mm lens, and with 2nd lens in #0 shutter (best Angulon 6.8/90mm), to me.
  2. I will convert camera into Byron, and with 2 lenses with lens board, for interchange.
  3. A ground glass panel with Fresnel attached, free with the conversion.
more detail information please visit: 
  1. Demo Videos on Youtube
    Film holding back system
    Lens interchangeable system

  2. "Something you should know about Byron" A booklet in PDF format about Byron, enjoy reading! 
  3. Service detail
And then please contact me for your custom conversion detail, further discussion is a necessity for satisfactory services, especially for your own Byron.
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