Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you for your support!

Thank you guys, fund for ordering parts is reaching my need, and for the cameras you send to me, I can begin to convert on Oct, so we should manage to ship the converted camera back to you in Nov.

Thanks again! I won't let you down!



Anonymous said...

Is it possbile to cost down the conversion? I think the cost USD 1250 or TWD is too high.

Salihonba said...

Thank you for your comment, please let me know how much for conversion is the right price to you. thank you. Daniel.

Simon Fleury said...

Love the look of your cameras. I'd like to buy one, as soon as possible, what should I do?
Kind regards


Salihonba said...

Mail sent! Daniel.

Anonymous said...

hallo i dont have a camera you sell the camera including the conversion?
thanks a leave my e-mail for info