Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bring Byron to Tibet?

I don't know how this camera handling the cold weather, but I am happy to know someone will travel with it there.
It brought me some thought in mind, how this camera be identified? Yes it is made for snap shooting, but since the format, you can't really treat it as a bigger M6 or Mamiya M7. I personally found it is a good start to bring big format back to people, to city, and to daily lives. There is one Technika IV lying in my cabinet, which I used it for landscapes and studio portraits, but never a chance to people on street, that initialed my Byron conversion project.
I think it is not quiet the same concept as Press camera, those pressmen used for news 60 years ago, they used strong flash, they cropped a lot, and their final print in low quality newspapers...., that's why I thought Byron is hard to be identified now.
But now it show some advantages, fitted for traveling, pack light, camera weighted below 1kg, and with 3 lens, managed within 2.2kg range, the one who will carry it to Tibet planning shoot some 4x5 and 6x12, I wish him all the best!

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