Monday, August 3, 2009

Expand the opneing size for 150mm lens

Schneider Apo Symmar 5.6/150mm lens is a compact lens, with a rather small size on rear element, 46mm in diameter, but still little bigger than retaining ring, 41.5mm in diameter.

Now comes the problem, Byron's front stand gets 43mm diameter for opening, that will accept all lenses whose rear element is no bigger than retaining ring, but for Apo symmar 150mm (for 135mm lens also, I think), rear element is just can not pass the hole, you need to unscrew the rear, mount the lens, then re-mount the rear, that's really annoying!

By carefully re-check the opening size, I decided to expand it a little bigger, from 43 into 48mm in diameter. Then any lens whose rear element size is smaller than 48mm dia., will mount/un-mount directly to Byron, no need to take rear element apart! That makes a lot of lenses choice be released....

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