Sunday, August 2, 2009

Engrave infinity stops

This Byron will equipped with 3 lenses, 4.7/127mm Ysarex by default, a Schneider Angulon 6.8/90mm as wide angle, and a Symmar-s 5.6/100mm for fun, this is a lens for 6x9, but I checked its image circle, barely cover 4x5.

So 3 infinity stops needed to be engraved.

Each infinity stop was carefully measured, tested, and then sent for engraving. the results are outstanding! when I pull out front stand, and meet the little gap, it stops and a crispy "CLICK" sounds, no way to move it anymore, unless you press the locker and move.

My mechanist engraved the lens length for each infinity stop, you won't confused by these gaps, but I suggest use no more than 3 lenses, 3 is the maximum.

He said this plate should be processed as matt-black, harden surfaced, he is right, will do that later.

Rangefinder is coupled with 127mm, so for 100mm and 90mm lenses, I have to shoot with estimating distance, a distance scale is needed. I made a scale combined 100/90 lenses together, a tiny engraved red line on rail as pointer, made it easy to adjust.

When picking lens for this camera, I think a 30mm interval is proper to follow, so 150mm-120mm-90mm, 3 lenses makes a perfect system, but that will need to re-grind a 150mm cam. This set is great for 900 camera, since it need whole new lenses, originally 130mm triplet lens is no good enough.

For 110B, besides Ysarex 127mm, pick a 90mm lens as wide angle is enough for most situation, or add a 150mm, and it means a re-cam job.

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