Friday, November 9, 2012

Images from John Turner

2012/12/09 add
"a little top flash....with another one hidden for the background. Night before the start of deer hunting season.---Tmax 400 4x5 in Byron"

John took some pictures in his dacha with Byron and sent them to me, love it! so I share them with you. They were in Fuji 4x5 color negatives, lens is 127/4.7 Ysarex Rodenstock, original lens from Polaroid 110A/B camera.

John wrote to me " I took it on a really flimsy tripod...and forgot my cable release....but had one of those self timers that thread into the lens.  I set it to bulb and counted to 5 and covered the lens with a black cloth!!"

Original images John scanned are big on pixels, they are about 8 million pixels per image, so I downsized them, but kept part of image in original size, so you can see how detail the lens captured.

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