Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Ideas on Range-Coupled mechanism

Thinking of range-coupled mechanism these days, just came out of some ideas. No matter Linhof or Graphic, Horseman or other brands 4x5 cameras, if installed with rangefinders, all need a match cam for specific lens, otherwise no range-coupled functions available.
People are troubled when they tried to find lens and matched lens cam,  the pair are rare to find these days, and the price always sky high, handheld 4x5 photography restricted by this, so called range coupled 4x5 almost vanished.
What if

  1. Range coupled function needs no match lens cam.
  2. Any lens can be range coupled, no matter what camera used.
  3. Lens calibration needs no professional expert. one lens can be calibrated in 10 minutes.
The idea came out these days, and I thought of this can be applied by any 4x5 camera, even 8x10! what will it be involved in LF photography history?
Too excited! can not sleep at night.

an interesting discussion here:


Bob Crowley said...


I think you will find people who want it and it could be a profitable product if it can be adapted to a range of cameras.

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Suwen Chee said...