Friday, July 24, 2009

Graflex/Graflok system in one!

It is really challenging to incorporate Graflex and Graflok system into one, and in a dimension like this. For not to alter the outlook too much, I need to move mechanism to right/left side, instead up/down as usual.

There are a pair of clamps on the right side, they are linked each other, push one and the other will move at same time, but in another direction.

The clamp got tooth on 6mm position, will hold Graflok film holder firmly.

And the left side has two parts, a pair bayonets and a platen. Bayonets are at the top and bottom, sliding out for Graflok system, sliding back to give way for two side dark slide holders; Platen is in the middle, inserted at left for giving way for Graflok, and inserted at right to use as Graflex system.

This picture below shows in Graflok status, bayonet is sliding out, ready to hold the ditch of the film holder; you can see the platen is inserted on left side.

And if we slide bayonet back, and take off the platen......

And re-insert the platen from right side, Graflok/ Graflex system switch is finished! It is just so easy! picture below you can see that upper bayonet is not yet sliding back, and under bayonet is sliding back already.

I have to say, this is the most proud part of conversion, even more than lens changing system!

You can compare it with other system, this one is really easy to switch between flex/lok, no screws, no springs, no parts parted...., just sliding two bayonet and a inserting platen change its way, really easy!

And now let us check how are they doing their job!

Graflok- Fuji PA-45 instant film holder
You can see that I cut a corner to accommodate the holder, this is the only instant holder can be used on this camera, no polaroid back, what a pity!

Graflok- Grafmatic 6 film holder
When Grafmatic holder is locked, the camera back is looking really good! looks like it is born to hold this back, man I love this!

Graflok- Graflex 120 film holder
I hope I can test some 6x12 film holder later, to see if they are fitted.

And for Graflex, two sided dark slide holder in brand name "Elite" works great on this camera, because it has faint gaps on side, clamps on right can hold them firmly. For other brand name holder, if they don't have faint gaps on side, then you can paste a small piece of tape who has faint gap, then they are working well on this camera too.

But hold it, this back provides not only good functions on holders, there is also a very important advantage.....

The platen can help keeping the dark slide also!!

I know many of you did not aware how important it is, let me take you to a scenario of snap shooting.....

You are on the street, with Byron in hand, and two sided dark slide holder in the back. Now you find something to snap, you unfold the camera, cock shutter, make focus, then pull the trigger?

No, you have to pull out the dark slide!

where are you going to do with this slide? no spare hand for it, you have to put it somewhere. Without my platen's help, you have to put it some place, maybe in you bag, but that is what disaster begin.

People sometimes forgot to pull out the dark slide, that waste a good snap; but if you have made a good snap, and forget to pull back the slide while changing side of holder, that waste not only a film, but also a great snap!

Even thought, people still sometimes forget to pull back the slide. I do, too. It is not my fault, nothing to remind me to pull it back!

Now you know how important that platen can hold the slide! It can prevent you forgetting to pull back the slide when changing side, because it is just in front of you and the holder, you are forced to pull it back, then you can changing side.


kyle martin said...

Hello I would like to know if you are selling this film holder system and at what price as I just finished all the modifying but I dont want to use the clunky graflok back. my e-mail is

Unknown said...

Well Kyle the modifications needed for my back system is very different from what they used to do on camera back, not only the camera body needs to be cut on both up and down side, film frame opening expanded, and RF parts will be raised to accommodate the extra insert plate for back system.

I am considering to sell kit for conversion with instructions, but there are actually many dedicated tools needed, I doubt anyone can make it even there are step by step instructions.