Friday, July 31, 2009

First feedback of testing

The first feedbacks of Byron camera field testing was collected, camera will add some features, and some modifications.

1. a cable release holder will be added at left hand side. Yes that is Polaroid 11oB's weakness, that sliding-shutter release button is the main cause for vibration, and my personal opinion, since 110B was designed for instant film, no enlargement needed, so it is bearable for such minor fuzzy.

And now we are making it a normal 4x5 camera, steadiness is an important fact to consider, to avoid any further vibration when press the shutter, a cable release is needed.

The second reason for cable release is that besides 127/4.7 lens that 110B built in, we will use other lenses, and these lenses will mount on normal #0 shutter, no long-leg release as Prontor has, meaning they all need a cable release.

So why not? a cable release holder can solve two problems.

2. I am thinking to make the left hand chamber bigger in space, to hold the cable release when not in use.

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