Byron Conversion Service

This is a pre-typed letter for anyone who is interested in Byron conversion service

Be aware, Byron is not just a camera, but a system, combined with lens interchangeable system, film back system, focus and scale system into a converted camera, with a total different concept compared with LF view camera. So if you are interested in this camera and decided to own one, be prepared to learn a new way of LF photograph, and concept shift into a brand new world.

Byron camera conversion service needs clients to prepare their own vintage Polaroid 110B camera, with second/ third lens (best choice: Angulon 6.8/90mm, Geronar 6.3/150mm), send camera+lenses to me, to fulfill all the conversion procedure. Please do ask questions before you decided to own one.

Before go any further, please visit my videos about the lens interchangeable system, back system and about Xenotar 2.8/150mm lens.

There are three types of conversion, according to client's lenses choice, so please refer the type explanation, to decide your best fit.

A German bear dropped me as many as 76 mails before his byron was converted, now we are very good friends, know each other very well, I like and cherish this relationship. I would like to treat it as a way to know friends around the world, those who loves photography, especially in LF, but not just clients, so I reserve my right to reject commission from anyone with rude manner or in a way of "I come to buy something!" attitude.

The conversion cost is US$1,850,The price including:

1. Implant camera back system
2. Interchangeable lens system, accept lenses in focal range 90~150mm, with #0 shutter
3. Three lens boards, one for Ysarex 4.7/127mm, another for the customer lenses.
4. Brand new bellows made in Chinese silk
5. Cable release holder and cold shoe
6. Multi infinity stops, with accompanied distance scale.
7. Ground glass panel, with folding hood and Fresnel lens attached
8. New covering, new spray paint
9. Shipping camera back fee worldwide
10. Free upgrades for further improvement, only postage needed.

Besides camera body and lens system, I offer free of charge in modification on  3-1/4x4-1/4 instant film holder for clients who want to use it on Byron, modified film back can also be used on normal international back system.
Please refer detail here:
and here:

Please pay down payment US$850 to Paypal, and then ship your camera +lenses to the address below:

Daniel Chiang Chia LungRm.5, B1, No.37, MinQiang St., Longtan, Taoyuan 32547, Taiwan (R.O.C.)Tel:03-3885069 , 0988133479

Please declare the content of parcel is for "overhaul and cleaning", so custom here won't tax me.

I encourage you get good use of post office's express parcel service (EMS), with tracking number, your parcel should arrive my place safely. Avoid to use Fedex or UPS, they are expensive, and definitely will cause me be taxed when arrived.

And please DO pack them well, they are precious to you, and to me!

The rest payment will be made when your Byron is finished conversion and ready to ship home.

my Paypal account is
I only accept PayPal payment as "Services".

Conversion takes about 12 weeks, and because it is a rather complicated procedure, I managed to do the job in a batch every 3 month, that is, hope you send camera to me before end of Jan/ April/ July and October, thus to catch the batch.
Further discussion is a necessity, please don't hesitate to contact with me.

And DO please visit my blog

Best Regards